Production begins again -resolving bugs!

So it’s been a very long while since I’ve updated this blog but due to good reason! I’ve recently got married, moved into a new house and now things have settled. So now down to an issue I’ve been dodging for quite a while that’s rebuilding one of the main maps in the most to resolve it from all bugs. The SDK has been crashing EVERYTIME I try to work on the map so I decided to take a step back and redo what is necessary.


NPC Carcass Creations

So tonight I decided to dedicate it to something else other than mapping so I moved onto do certain things to decorate the level with to tie in with the atmosphere I’m trying to achieve. While it is hard to create a dark, eerie atmosphere by just using standard DX assets I just have to make do with what I have on offer so…. I fired up Tacks DXPackage extractor and gathered up some NPC models and manipulated them to create hanging carcasses to decorate some of the dungeons with.

In addition to that, I also used the NPC models to create severed limbs and even a torso that has no limbs. I think I’ve found the correct texture to use as wound openings (guts) so we will see how it goes. I might add a protruding spine column from the severed head (similar to the Predator movies). I would like to add some of the DX physics to allow abit of swinging or rotating of carcasses hanging from the ceiling. Due to this nature It might be a possibility of implying an age restriction warning if it looks decent since there will be NPCs hanging from a noose from the ceiling etc.

If the DX physics fail me I will end up just animating them. One thing I do not have (at all) are some decals of pools of blood etc which I will have to find some. Finally to add to it I have some sound files go correlate some of the NPCs getting tortured (such as screams, whimpers,calls for help and evil laughs). I tried to get some decent shots tonight but I wasn’t happy with them though the NPC meshes turned out quite well giving how low poly they are.

A video coming soon on the ModDB site demonstrating what I’m talking about, until then! ….


Mid February Update…

So far this month I’ve been tweaking and adding as I feel necessary to the map, mostly finishing off areas I had started a while back, adding elevators and adding in patrol points for Guards and Bots.
While I’m not 100% decided on the Pawns I chose for guards I’ll be using them as placeholders for the meantime.

I’ve also been extracting meshes from DX and repositioning them to place around certain areas of the map to add to the theme I’m going for. I need to be converting more ambient sound effects to suit. Due to this side mission not being part of the original plan, I’ve written out the important dialogues and will be tweaking it as I go along.



Been mostly working on small little areas around the map tonight. In the shot above is along the lines of what I’m going for in terms of degradation around this map. I need to remedy my poor quality graphics card with something else, the lighting is just too bright in this level so I’ll need to fiddle around with it on an other driver or something, but for the meanwhile it will do.

Little more wear and tear


Bumps in the road…

So I’ve had to reformat my computer after upgrading to Windows 8.1 like an idiot, it messed up everything from the editor to in game graphics. After reinstalling everything back on I took back into the map and decided to start adding some wear and tear about the place.


These are only some shots as it would be pretty silly to take a shot of every chip and crack 😛 but in over all the shell of the map is complete I have only to degrade the place abit more in certain areas but it’s pretty easy to go overboard and then I end up getting the opposite affect.


I’ve still a lot of mapping hours ahead of me before I feel that I can call this part of the production complete before I tear into ConEdit.

On another note I was able to get New Vision working so the screenshots should be abit more interesting looking.



Hi guys back this time with some news. I spent most of tonight playing around with skins and meshes to find a suitable guard for the map with no real success so I’ll continue. Mapping is basically done for this level, just need to fill it up and make it more interesting. This leaves me to go back to doing some weapons and objects for February. Some screenshots included also posted on the Moddb site, ScorpCorp Office room and warehouse.

I haven’t had as much time as I would of liked to have had over the holidays to spend on RoD due to indulging Into Skyrim. It’s completed now so I have some more free time 🙂

I would like to mention that in the not too distant future I plan on searching for a competent mapper to aid the completion of the add on due to I’ve fact it would speed the process up twice as quick. I would like to this be successful. All the main story/conversation dialogues are written which just leaves it down to the mapping. That’s about it for tonight.




Hi sorry for the lack of posts! 🙂

So on to the mod… It’s been a painstaking process of choosing the right textures to use as that’s been my main hold up but the end of this map (mapping wise) is not far off in the distance. The next step after is to arrange NPCs, scripting, deco and weapons etc. The Hilton hotel map I was working on is near enough complete so it’s this level that’s my main obstacle. I was reluctant to post these screenshots as they aren’t complete/that great but some updates are better than none I think!

Till next time…

Dev update…