Been mostly working on small little areas around the map tonight. In the shot above is along the lines of what I’m going for in terms of degradation around this map. I need to remedy my poor quality graphics card with something else, the lighting is just too bright in this level so I’ll need to fiddle around with it on an other driver or something, but for the meanwhile it will do.


Little more wear and tear



Hi sorry for the lack of posts! 🙂

So on to the mod… It’s been a painstaking process of choosing the right textures to use as that’s been my main hold up but the end of this map (mapping wise) is not far off in the distance. The next step after is to arrange NPCs, scripting, deco and weapons etc. The Hilton hotel map I was working on is near enough complete so it’s this level that’s my main obstacle. I was reluctant to post these screenshots as they aren’t complete/that great but some updates are better than none I think!

Till next time…

Dev update…







Some more experiments



It’s probably not the first time it’s being used in a game but I’ve been thinking of different ways of using Deus Ex standard textures and I’ve picked this method. It uses the features already in the texture and create 3d versions of those features such as in the screenshot in this post.

In the texture there were pillars which I then aligned up with meshes to create actual pillars in the room to break up the rigid level design that is somewhat native to UnrealEd.

I have played with other textures using this method, some work some don’t so it’s pretty selective in where it can be used.

The MoDDB site will be going back up shortly with some new screenshots, I had to delete all the old stuff on the site as the maps had been completely done from scratch again. Well that’s it for tonight more to follow…

Using the textures…