NPC Carcass Creations

So tonight I decided to dedicate it to something else other than mapping so I moved onto do certain things to decorate the level with to tie in with the atmosphere I’m trying to achieve. While it is hard to create a dark, eerie atmosphere by just using standard DX assets I just have to make do with what I have on offer so…. I fired up Tacks DXPackage extractor and gathered up some NPC models and manipulated them to create hanging carcasses to decorate some of the dungeons with.

In addition to that, I also used the NPC models to create severed limbs and even a torso that has no limbs. I think I’ve found the correct texture to use as wound openings (guts) so we will see how it goes. I might add a protruding spine column from the severed head (similar to the Predator movies). I would like to add some of the DX physics to allow abit of swinging or rotating of carcasses hanging from the ceiling. Due to this nature It might be a possibility of implying an age restriction warning if it looks decent since there will be NPCs hanging from a noose from the ceiling etc.

If the DX physics fail me I will end up just animating them. One thing I do not have (at all) are some decals of pools of blood etc which I will have to find some. Finally to add to it I have some sound files go correlate some of the NPCs getting tortured (such as screams, whimpers,calls for help and evil laughs). I tried to get some decent shots tonight but I wasn’t happy with them though the NPC meshes turned out quite well giving how low poly they are.

A video coming soon on the ModDB site demonstrating what I’m talking about, until then! ….


2 thoughts on “NPC Carcass Creations

  1. Cozmo says:

    I’ve actually been doing similar things with corpses for effects heh. But wow! How did I not find out about this mod until now? Really nice stuff

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