Over the past two weeks since the last update RoD has came on in leaps and bounds and is starting to take shape into something playable. So lets see what has went on…

In the photo attached isn’t the most recent of shots buts its what I had closest to hand. It’s been slow progress on the skinning front while I’ve been working with UnrealEd and ConEdit, but its starting to take shape and whilst I’m on holidays for the next two weeks I have a lot of free time on my hands. I plan to have the RiotDrone skinned before the end of the month.

Now onto the exciting part! I have been mapping quite a lot and I’ve added a small side mission onto the Hilton Hotel. There will be shots added very shortly but as for the storyline I will be keep that much very under wraps.

I’m very excited about this side mission and have been putting an AWFUL lot of thought into this and the end result has been very rewarding. An atmosphere never seen/felt before in Deus ex and even I have been getting goosebumps from playing my own map. It is suspenseful and depends largely on stealth to escape from this side mission, I plan to largely play on the players emotions. With new sound effects and models adding to the gameplay I’m sure it will benchmark this mod into a very enjoyable and different add on. Whilst the small glimpse of future screenshots later in the week don’t do it justice it is a small reminder that things are headed in the right direction. More to follow….


Progress Update…


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